Interior lighting package

Mazda CX-3 interior lighting package consists of 4 LED bulbs. #jtonline #cx-3 #mazda

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2 Responses

  1. Rosario says:

    Hi Julian, nice to stumble on your blog, I think i will be checking it often from now on.
    I am also a CX-3 owner and willing to switch all my interior lights to LED. You can confirm that 31mm LED bulbs will fit? Is 31 mm measured from top to top? More specifically, I am referring to the two bulbs right above the Mzd connect on the front of the car. I tried to measure those bulbs and they were shorter than 31mm…
    Thank you in advance for your reply and sorry for any bad spelling.


  2. Julian says:

    Hi Rosario, thanks for your comment. I have more articles planned for the blog, and hope to find the spare time to write them soon.

    I measured the length of the original interior festoon bulbs to be 31mm from the pointed tip of one end to the tip at the other end.

    The bulbs you’re referring to and those for the rear of the cabin and boot (trunk) lights are all the same length. I used the genuine Mazda LED upgrade kit.

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