Check vehicle history when buying used

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), used vehicle sales in the UK increased 11.5% in 2021. Experts warn that while this has advantages, users should check vehicle history when buying used.

London – In 2021, more than 7.5 million vehicles were sold, which shows that the second hand car sector has quickly recovered from the effects of the pandemic. But, as the second-hand car market revives, and the number of vehicles in the market increases, it raises the importance of checking for outstanding debts, taxes, accident and damage registration, theft or scrap.

Record demand for electric vehicles

This is of even greater importance to the electric car market. The demand for alternative fuels, among other things, has led to a 120% increase in the purchase of electric cars in 2021. Over 40,000 electric cars have changed hands in last year alone.

48,400 cars were stolen in the UK in 2021

According to UK police figures, within the UK alone 48,400 cars were stolen in 2021, which marks an annual increase of 3%. It is estimated that around one in three vehicles in the UK are sold with outstanding finance and other issues.

You can get a free basic online vehicle history, or a more comprehensive check for a fee, using the vehicle’s registration number at websites such as

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