About the author

Hi, my name is Julian, aka Jules.

Born in the South East of England in 1966. I then moved to North Yorkshire, but now I’m living in the Midlands.

In late November 2015 I purchased my Mazda CX-3, trading in a 2005 SEAT Ibiza.

Although I was born with Spina bifida, luckily I haven’t suffered any paralysis, despite damage to my central nervous system. I have a loss of strength and dexterity in my fingers, particularly those of my right hand. The push button Start/Stop of the CX-3 is a real bonus for me; no more struggling to reach under the steering column with my left hand to turn an ignition key.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the articles here and will return to read new ones. Please feel free to contribute with your comments.

All links back to this site on your social media accounts etc., much appreciated.